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Victoria Miller (barron)
Year: (1989)

Last Visit: 7/11/2006

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2810 s jerry smith road
dover, fl  33527
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Things I've been doing lately:
afte 1 year of working I married shane barron. we had 4 children together , we have bought an "ancient" home (built in 1954) and stay busy fixing it up, thought we might restore it but we only seem to be able to maintain it. We are in the process of adopting or getting non relative custody of a 15 yr. old girl that is in state care. Shane and I work and play alot, we are good together and are enjoying our life of always on the go. We maintain a strong faith in our Lord and pass it to all our children and reach out to help others as much as we can.
My family:
our daughter Jasmine is 15, we have 3 sons : Michael is 13 ( near 14) Aaustin just turned 11 and Anthony is 6 (near 7) we have had plenty of medical problems with our 3 boys but all are doing better now. our new daughter is 15 too but she is the "baby".
Life experiences:
when you have 4 kids and a wonderul husband, it is hard to narrow down the greatest times, a lot of our greatest times have been seeing the spiritual insights of all of our children - sometimes things that start out devasting turns into blessings by the way they see things. Of course our wedding and the births of our kids were awesome, but everyday we experince an awesome life together (1 way or another) Some of the best times were when we homeschooled 3 children for about 4 years.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
friends, music, phones, youth group, and youth trips.
My favorite things now:
staying busy is fun - but when i can i want to vegetate. i also like going to lake kissimmee to airboat, and fish off the dock. most of all i like to take time for everyone, and then if i have a quiet night I'm "good to go".
My favorite books, movies and music:
i read devotionals, and mysteries, i enjoy true crime - but would rather watch it on tv. i do about 5 crossword puzzles a day (that's reading - right?)
I work at:
at home (and in the yard occasionally)at church.
My website:

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