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Plant City High School Alumni - About Googling

Why do you allow people to Google names?

People Google names already. This features just gives them a quicker and easier way to do it. If it makes you uncomfortable, just turn it off for your bio.

There are lots of people with my name in Google?

Yes, this features executes a general Google search and the results aren't necessary the person that signed up at Alumz. The results pull anyone with that name (and city if the city is included in the search).

Can anyone come here and Google my name?

No, the Google feature is only available for people who are registered users. Until then, they don't see the option for Googling.

I Google people but I don't get any results?

Everyone isn't Google famous, which means they don't have information on the internet to be found.

I don't really like my name showing up in Google?

People should be aware that this information already exists on Google and other search engines. Some search engines will let you request taking out some of it. Alumz doesn't create or maintain this information, it just allows people to do a Google search easily. People Google other people all the time outside of Alumz. If it really bothers you, you should turn off the feature for your bio.

How can I turn off Googling of my bio?

If you don't want people Googling your name from this site, it is easy to turn off. Just go to My Bio and scroll to the contact information section at the bottom. Change "Allow People to Google My Name" to "Don't Allow People to Google My Name" and all of the Google links on your name will be disabled.