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Plant City High School Alumni - About this site

Why did you put ads on the site?

The site is more valuable to everyone if more people are on it. To get more people to come, I am advertising to let people know about the site. It costs money to adverstise and to host the servers, so I put advertising on the site to pay for it.

**** I'm using the money from advertising to get more people to the site.. so I'm putting it back into the site to bring more people here.

It also lets me keep this as a free service and not charge anyone a subscription..

I'm not going to charge a fee to signup on this site!

What is the best way to use this site?

Reunion Coordinator:

If you are a reunion coordinator, you can:

- Use this site to keep in touch with your class. If you have everyone signup and keep their information up-to-date, it will make your job easier when it is reunion time.
- Post Reunion Messages to let people know about events
- Use the Message board to ask questions to the alumni users
- Use the Chat to host online reunions. We will post and promote chat events to help you get a larger crowd.


- Tell everyone you know about the site. If you contact people and they contact people, it won't be long until a large group knows about the site.
- Let your high school site webmaster know about the site and see if they will put a link on their site.
- Let your local newspaper know about the site. Any mention in the media is a huge help.

Alumz doesn't have the financial budget of the larger sites. But it doesn't charge it's users either so the communitiy of users is responsible for helping spread the word.

Are you going to charge us or have any subscription?

No, Alumz is free. I have modest advertising to help pay for the server costs and to advertise the site, but there is no cost to the users of this site.

Why did you put up a site for my school?

In many cases, it is because someone directly requested a site. Sometimes we add sites that are close by other sites that are successful.

Why is no one from my school here?

If there is no one here, it is because we need to do a better job of spreading the word. It has been our experience over and over that once the site gets rolling it gains life of it's own. Then a lot of people start showing up and it becomes a great place to find out about your old friends.

Why do you have full bios?

On Alumz, about 80% of our registered users fill out their bio. That is still amazing to me but makes an active site very interesting and informative. Many people never post messages but come and check out bios all the time.

Why are you doing this?

I built a site for my high school and it worked really well so I started doing other sites. I like to have a place where people can reconnect with their old friends without having to pay subscription fees. If you want to know more, check out the Alumz story page